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The Indonesian Journal of Public Health  published since 2004, is a scientific journal article presents the results of research and review of the literature on the development of science that includes the study of Public Health Epidemiology, Administration & Policy Health, Health Promotion and Behavior, Biostatistics and Demography, Environmental Health, Public Health Nutrition, and Health & Safety work. Each manuscript submitted to The Indonesian Journal of Public Health will be reviewed by the appropriate bestari partners in the field. List the name of the reviewing bestari partners article will be listed on the final number of each volume. (p-ISSN : 1829-7005 e-ISSN : 2540-8836)

The Indonesian Journal of Public Health (IJPH) is published by Universitas Airlangga incollaboration with The Indonesian Public Health Association (IAKMI). The editorial board is based in Surabaya, Indonesia. The 1st edition was published in 2004. In pursuing the quality improvement, IJPH has published articles twice a year since 2017. The publication is issued twice a year (June and December).  Since 2020, this journal is published regularly three times a year, in April, August and December.

We welcome all of experts, practitioners, and academicians who are interested in IJPH to submit their articles. Articles in this journal discuss various current issues in public health. Submitted articles will be reviewed by Indonesian and international experts. Authors can submit articles by following the schedule publication of IJPH on April, August and December. Articles be written in English. Every edition will be indexed and abstracting in the main database, such as SINTA (S3), DOAJPortal GarudaScilit, and Google Scholar.


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