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Almetric Score to Expand Scientific Articles Publication

FKM NEWS – In the workshop held by the journal team of Faculty of Public Health UNAIR yesterday (4/9), Prof. Dr. Wah Yun Low, Ph.D as the main speaker delivered and shared her experiences regarding scientific journal management and journal writing. In journal management, Prof. Low explained the importance of marketing to expand scientific articles publication.

Prof. Dr. Wah Yun Low, Ph.D is the Editor-in-Chief of Asia-Pacific Journal of Public Health, a reputed journal in the field of public health, notably in the area of Asia Pacific.

One thing that should not be neglected in upgrading the level of citation is by paying attention to almetric score. This score is an online scoring gauged from research publication through social media, news portas, blogs, and scientific sites. Through this score, both editorial boards of journals and researchers can examine how wide scientific articles are published and how often the articles are accessed.

Other than that, for editorial boards of journals, other numbers are also significant to the reputation of the journals, namely Impact Factor and H-index. Additionally, almetric score is important to support the expansion of scientific journal publication, particularly for authors who look for further information of particular journals.




Translator: Adinda Rizki Ramadhani

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