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Appreciation for Cleaning Services of Faculty of Public Health UNAIR

FKM NEWS – Today (24/08), the Dean of Faculty of Oublic Health UNAIR expressed their appreciation to the cleaning services for their dedication in providing health and clean environmental services in the faculty. Because of the dedication of the cleaning services, especially of the toilet, on the celebration of 73rd Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia, the toilets in the Faculty of Public Health obtained the predicate of the cleanest toilet in Universitas Airlangga.

“This becomes the motivation for the civitas to uphold the title by keeping the environment clean,” said Thinni, the Vice Dean II of the faculty.

The appreciation formality was executed after Friday prayers in the hallway of the Faculty of Public Health. The event was started by cutting tumpeng, Indonesian rice made of tumeric that is shaped into a big cone, by the head of sub-division of facilities and infrastructure, Roni, followed by the awarding to all cleaning services of Faculty of Public Health. It is hoped that this achievement can increase the togetherness and the cleanness of the campus.


Translation: Adinda Rizki Ramadhani

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