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Celebrating Mother’s Day, FKM Campaign for Indonesian Women Empowerment

For the women of Faculty of Public Health (FKM) Universitas Airlanggaacademic community, the 2017 National Mother’s Day, Friday, December 22 was a moment of contemplation. It was an affirmation of role and contribution in building the young generation in the region.

“Here, we inspire each other about mothers, the great mother figure, through story- telling and affirming that today’s women should be empowered, adaptive in making contribution to the progress of Indonesia, “said the Head of Dharma Wanita FKM and Head of the Committee, Retha Pulung Siswantara, in her speech.

Retha added that mothers have a huge contribution to the character building of an individual. The values ​​and norms of our lives, including achievement and position, today are the result of mothers’ touch.

“We are very lucky to get mothers’ touch to this day. May we always be able to become great and strong moms for our generation, companions, and help to build Indonesia, ” she added in Sumarto Danusugondho Hall, FKM UNAIR.

“It’s a very rare moment. The faculty leaders prepare the dishes for the staff through the competition. There is sea ​​food, traditional food, and many others. They prepared a minimum of ten servings. So we will enjoy it together, ” she said.

In the commemoration of Mother’s Day themed “Women Power for Indonesia”, Vice Dean II, Dr. Thini Nurul Rochmah, Dra.Ec., M.Kes., hoped that this moment could strengthen ties and inspire the academic community of FKM. She also thanked the whole academic community, especially women for their contribution and participation in improving FKM.

“This is rare and special, the leaderships cook and prepare food for great mothers in FKM,” she said followed with the participants’ applause. “Happy 2017Mother’s Day, continue to be a great and strong mother for everyone,” she added.

Inspiring Each Other

Wearing various national outfits in a very intimate atmosphere, all the participants exchanged ideas and inspirations such as shared by one representative of FKM department.

As the last child among ten siblings, her memory is always on his mother on how to educate her children. Children are asked to use polite Javanese when speaking with their household assistants and their driver. To parents, children are allowed to use Bahasa Indonesia.

“This is what I now feel strongly from their upbringing, how mothers educate their children to always respect the elderly and anyone without having to look at their rank, position, and status. That’s how great mother figures to all of us, ” she said.

Lucky Indonesian Women

After 20 years living in India, Yuni Mochny, the keynote speaker of the event felt very fortunate to be part of Indonesian women. According to him, the historic commemoration of National Mother’s Day in Indonesia is close to the figure of RA Kartini. Therefore, the concept of celebration in India is different from in Indonesia.

In Indonesia, National Mother’s Day means equality of rights to get education, role in politics, and participate in the community as men have.

“The moment took place in 1928, in the organization of Indonesian Women Congress I in Yogyakarta. Abroad, the meaning of Mother’s Day more to the meaning of domestic life, the basic tasks of women’s nature, ” she said.

According to Yuni, while in India, she really felt the difference of views towards women. Indonesia can be considered better because traditionally, women in India do not have enough space to actualize themselves.

“They will rely on their siblings as children and on the husband, when they are married, ” she said. “They are also constrained by the caste system,” she added.

In Indonesia, women already have a lot of room to move and work including access to basic rights. Indonesian women have enough roles in the progress of building society.

At the end, Yuni advised that the freedom and availability of space for these women to work does not omit their role in domestic life such as taking over the role of men. Women must balance their domestic life and complement the men. (*)

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