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HIMA MKL Held a Workshop on Implementation & Preparation of RKL and RPL Report

Student Association of Magister of Environmental Health (HIMA MKL) Department of Environmental Health FKM UNAIR held a two-day workshop: Saturday – Sunday, May 20-21, 2017 in the Sabdoadi Hall. Titled “Implementation & Preparation of Environmental Management Plan (Implementasi & Pembuatan Laporan Rencana Pengelolaan Lingkungan / RKL) and Environmental Monitoring Plan (Rencana Pemantauan Lingkungan/RPL) Fasyankes and Industry”, the workshop’s goal is to provide knowledge in theory and practice in preparing RKL and RPL documents required by the institution as an effort to prevent, control and mitigate environmental impacts of an activity or project.

The workshop material was delivered by five reputable speakers, namely  Dr. Diah Susilowati, Head of Environmental Sector DLH East Java Province, Prof. Soedjajadi, dr., MS., Ph.D. and Dr. R Azizah., SH., M. Kes., as a lecturer and expert of Environmental Health at FKM UNAIR. Abdul Chodir., S.KM., M.KL and Suhariono, ST., MM were also present as speakers from RSUD Dr. Soetomo Surabaya.

In the workshop, participants are expected to be able to understand the legal basis and compliance requirements of RKL-RPL reporting documents and the consequences for fasyankes (health facilities) and industry. In addition, the participants are expected to properly prepare RKL-RPL implementation reporting in accordance with prevailing regulations (KepMenLH No. 45 Year 2005) and recognize the success criteria in preparing RKL-RPL reporting implementation.

“Participants are expected to not only able to prepare RKL and RPL reports but also know and understand the legal basis, the requirements and consequences for the  agency/institution on the preparation of the documents,” said Andre Aulia Rahman, as chairman of the workshop committee.

The activity was designed for two days, preceded by a written test (pre-test) and ended by a written evaluation (post-test) and practice evaluation; those measurements are indicators of participants’ comprehension. “Participants are very enthusiastic with this workshop, and express their expectation of further workshops with different topics in the field of environmental health, such as B3-waste management,” said Aulia, a student of S2 Environmental Health.

The workshop was attended by 28 participants from various health institutions, hospitals, health centers, health education institutions and industries. (DB)

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