In regards to the issuance of Rector Decree number 1947/H.3/ KK/2011 about the Stipulation of Study Program Scope in Mono-disciplinary, Interdisciplinary, and Multidisciplinary categories for managing Master and Doctoral programs, the Doctoral Program of Health Sciences is managed by the Faculty of Public Health starting from the even semester of the 2011 academic year or from February 24, 2012.

Therefore, the Faculty of Public Health’s strategic plan needed to be adjusted. The strategic plan is very important, because it determines the implementation the development program until 2017.

The strategic plan is beneficial to be used as a reference in developing and conducting programs/activities at department and division (Academic and Resources) level as well as sub-divisions (finance, resources, education and student affairs) within the Faculty. The targets of development programs include all existing study programs within the Faculty, which are Industrial Hygiene, Ergonomics, and Work Safety vocational program, Public Health undergraduate program, Health Administration and Policy master program, Occupational Health and Safety master program, Environmental Health master program, and Doctor of Health Sciences program.

In order to develop Faculty of Public Health, Airlangga University and to achieve excellence at national and international scope, the quality improvement objectives should cover all components within the organization. Priority should be given to improve the quality of civitas academica, which are lecturers, staffs, and students.