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Faktor Dominan yang Berhubungan dengan Kejadian BBLR diRSUD Dr. Mohamad Soewandhie Surabaya

Rekawati Susilaningrum, Sri Utami, Sukesi, Nolo Sulasmi
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Prodi D III Kebidanan Sutomo Jurusan Kebidanan Poltekkes Kemenkes Surabaya
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Introduction. Data from RISKESDAS 2010 showed the increase number of child under five years, 11,1% with BBLR <2500 gram compared with East Java Province only 10,1%. The percentage in Dr Soewandhi hospital the number of BBLR in 2012 showed at 13,23% and 10,5% in the year 2013. Stastically, it showed decrease gradually, however in Moh. Soewandi hospital, BBLR is still on the highest rank for baby borne. The objective of the study was to analyse dominant factor related with BBLR in Moh. Soewandi hospital in Surabaya. Method. Design used in this study was case control study with cross sectional approach. Population was all mother who deliver her baby with BBLR and normal. 72 sample were recruited job, education level, nutritionist knowledge, income, age, parity, birth space, health status, hb and ANC service. Whereas dependent variables were normal and BBLR infant. Data were analysed by chi square and logistic regression. Result. Result showed that there were significant relationship on the variables of husband employment (p=0,006, OR=0,152); parity (p=0,011, OR=0,149), mother knowledge (p=0,022, OR=0,061) and craving (p=0,009, OR=5,898). Multivariate showed the dominant variables on BBLR incident was craving. Conclusion. Mother knowledge on nutrion as dominant factor on the BBLLR in Moh. Soewandi hospital. It is recommended that health worker, especially midwife should educate mother on nutrition consumpyion on type, portion, and time. Indeed, consumption of food pattern is a strategy to reduce BBLR
Key Words: dominant, BBLR, mother