Yuly Sulistyorini*, Nunik Puspitasari*, Diah Indriani*, Rachmah Indawati*
Fakultas Kesehatan Masyarakat*
Universitas Airlangga
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IDHS 2012 results indicate that TFR trend remains that the figure of 2.6 per woman until 2012 (BKKBN, 2012). It potentially will lead to an increase in the number of births. Similarly TFR East Java on the results IDHS 2012. At the moment participation in the program demanded more independent, including in rural areas that must be paid by the public. In fact, after the economic crisis, people have difficulty meet needs. The purpose of this study was to analyze couples of reproductive age in independent family planning (FP) in rural areas. This study was an observational study with cross sectional design. The study population was couples of reproductive age in all villages in Gresik. The sample was couples in aged 15-49 years whose wife is determined by the Multi Stage Random Sampling. Respondents consisted of 51 husbands and 51 wives. The variables studied were socio-economic characteristics, the desired number of children and was born, and acceptor independent FP. Collected data by interviews to be analyzed descriptively. These results indicate that the educational level of the majority of the husband and wife graduated from high school. As many as 60,8% of wives do not work and her husband worked in the industrial sector. The majority of couples want two children and had had enough (35.3%). Wife as much as 37% using injection with a compatibility reasons. While her husband as much as 3.9% using condoms. FP independently in the village as much as 40%. Couples of reproductive age are still many who don’t do self FP. FP services are obtained not by spending the majority of his own. This shows that people still don’t have a strong desire became independent FP. These conditions can have an impact on their drop out or move from effective birth control to be ineffective. Therefore, efforts should be made to increase public awareness of family planning and the ease to obtain family planning services. Ease of family planning services include health care facilities nearby and costs are cheap and affordable.
Keywords: family planning, independent family planning