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Universitas Negeri Surabaya, Jalan Ketintang Surabaya
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The development of technology and information can impact on the change in mindset and rationality of society to be modern. Consumption becomes an indicator to observe the development of the societies’ mindset that has become more modern Consumtion is not only on meeting the needs, but also become a way of life, one of which is smoking. Smoking is currently undergoing a transformation, both in terms of models, taste, price, and even how to enjoy it. One model that is considered unique alternative cigarette is shisha (Arab cigarette). Sisha was not only limited to cigarettes use, but it became a symbol of prestige, social status, and lifestyle. This study aims to open the symbolic dimension, meaning, and the lifestyle of shisha cigarette’s practices. This study used a qualitative method with phenomenological approach. The subjects of this study were Surabaya’s teenagers that selected purposively. Data were collected using observation techniques and in-depth interviews, as well as the use of secondary data. Then, the data was analyzed using interpretative model by Miles and Huberman. Teens know sisha cigarettes because of the social interaction that is reinforced by social symbols. Teens use shisha cigarettes because of the influence of peers that a majority of smokers and supported social environment (family and neighbors), which provides the values and norms that construct smoking habit. For teenager shisha cigarettes serves as the tight of friendship and solidarity groups (social integrity). Shisha lovers can get a different sensation because the smoke that is sucked available in a variety of scents, such as fruit and flowers. Cigarette sisha mostly found in malls and coffee shop, so sisha cigarette is no longer a necessity, but as a lifestyle that contains the dimensions of prestige. Shisha cigarette as a global product has been put on the dimensions of individual lifestyle that relies on symbols of prestige. Symbols in the context of social interaction needs to be interpreted. Therefore, shisha cigarette contains dimensional symbols and meaning in life style frames.
Keywords: shisha cigarette, symbols, meanings, lifestyle