Unintended, Syachroni Achieved Perfect GPA

FKM NEWS – Being able to achieve perfectly good GPA is a dream of every university student, including Syachroni. Syachroni was pronounced to be the best graduate of Study Program Magister of Administration and Health Policy, Faculty of Public Health, Universitas Airlangga in the graduation period of September 2018

Achieving the perfect 4.00 GPA was not the main intention of Syachroni’s when he enrolled for the program. At first, he attained 4.00 GPA in semester 1. Then, he decided to challenge himself whether he could maintain his achievement until the end of fourth semester. “Praise to God, my goal has been achieved. Actually, I just wanted to pursue higher education and to get more knowledge, as what my office required me to,” said Syachroni.

Syachroni is a Government Employee (PNS) working at Health Research and Development Agency, Ministry of Health, in Jakarta. After becoming a Government Employee, he tried to enroll for the master scholarship provided by the company he works at.

Enrolling for master program, Syachroni was motivated to gain more knowledge. “The place where I am woroking at (Health Research and Development Department) demands the employees to always learn and get more knowledge,” said the graduate of Universitas Padjadjaran.

Syachroni’s master thesis is entitled “Efforts to Increase the Success of Tuberculosis Treatment Based On Patient Engagement Analysis.” In his opinion, the role of thesis advisor is also crucial. Syachroni was advised by Prof. Dr. Supriyanto, dr., M.S and Ira Nurmala, S.KM., M.PH., Ph.D.

When questioned about the tips to achieve perfect GPA, his answers were to pray and to believe that the prayers would be granted by God. Syachroni added, “Studying hard, reading a lot, and don’t stick to only one source. Beside that, we have to be critical to existing topics, build friendship, and always implement 5S (Senyum, Salam, Sapa, Sopan, Santun) to our lecturers.”

In the future, he hopes that there is an opportunity for him to get Doctoral Scholarship. “Since I’m on contract, I’m going to back to work for the Ministry of Health. It crossed my mind a willingness to become a lecturer because I think that there are particular challenges as a lecturer,” said Syachroni followed by his laugh. It is hoped that Syachroni’s achievement can inspire other students. (ZH)


Translator: Adinda Rizki Ramadhani