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In order to achieve common goals according to the vision and mission of the Faculty of Public Health, we invite researchers, lecturers, professions, industry, government, national and international organizations to collaborate in conducting joint research for the advancement of more massive world research. The Airlangga Centre for Health Policy (acehap) is a
multidisciplinary research group with various collaborators from diverse scientific backgrounds. Acehap conducts quantitative, qualitative and mixed-design research on political process of health policy, economic, social and psychological determinants of health policy.

ACEHAP is strongly committed to embrace open research culture. Therefore most of our research will be pre-registered. Our study materials, including raw data, design, analysis, and pre-prints will be mode available to public. This main objective then would be divided into specific objectives that include:

  1. Strengthening awareness of data-driven health policy
  2. Advocating national health and wellbeing issues in health policy and planning through hight quality policy brief and policy paper
  3. Incorporating social, political, psychological, cultural, and economic issues to health policy and planning

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