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The 6th InaHEA Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM)

[CALL FOR ABSTRACTS] The 6th InaHEA Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM) “(POLITICAL) ECONOMICS OF NON-COMMUNICABLE DISEASES IN INDONESIA-GATHERING EVIDENCE FOR NATIONAL ACTION PLAN” Indonesian Health Economics Association (InaHEA) is the association of experts in the field of health economics. InaHEA is affiliated with International Health Economics Association (IHEA) as the biggest …

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@amaziunair Proudly Present: ⁣ ⁣ Asosiasi Mahasiswa Gizi Universitas Airlangga⁣ PROUDLY PRESENTS⁣ ✨NUTRIBE SEMINAR AND WORKSHOP 2019✨⁣ ✨[CALL FOR ABSTRACT]✨⁣ We welcome all nutrition experts, enthusiasts, scholar, researchers, and practitioners and also other who interested in global health issues and sport nutrition to disseminate their original article or case report …

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The 2nd ICOHAP 2019

Risk is the possibility of damage, injury or effects caused by vulnerabilities which can actually be avoided by preventive efforts. Human interaction with the health system poses a threat to them mainly due to increasingly complex technology, complex procedures, high demand for health services, high expectations from users of health …

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The 4th International Symposium of Public Health (ISOPH) 2019

Nowadays, the global issue has developed because of information disclosure, technology development, cultural and political shifting as well as globally quality standardization. This global issue is a challenge for Indonesia’s society, mainly human resource which obtained the competence of health workers either hard skill or soft skill. In the term …

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“2nd Annual Scientific Meeting & Simposium Nasional Kesehatan Masyarakat”

FKM Universitas Airlangga mempersembahkan “2nd Annual Scientific Meeting & Simposium Nasional Kesehatan Masyarakat” dengan tema Tantangan dan Respon Keilmuan Kesehatan Masyarakat terhadap Masalah Kesehatan Masyarakat di Masa Depan. Keynote Speaker : Prof. Dr. Maznah Dahlui, M.D. M.PH. Ph.D Invited Speakers : -Anung Sugihantono, dr., M.Kes ((Kemenkes RI) dalam konfirmasi) -Widodo …

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Tobacco-Free Youth Bootcamp

  ? PROUDLY PRESENT ? The 5th Indonesian Conference on Tobacco or Health 2018 Tobacco-Free Youth Bootcamp ”Nggak Cuma Paham, Kita Menolak Diam” Hello Agent of Change! We’re Back!? Tobacco-Free Youth Bootcamp merupakan rangkaian acara dari Indonesian Conference on Tobacco or Health (ICTOH) yang diadakan untuk menyambut Hari Tanpa Tembakau …

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